This website Online Tamil Radio is a playlist of online Tamil Internet radios around the world.

Brief history

I used to listen to online radio since its begining. Basically, during 2007, I got graduated and went to Pune for joining my first job with TCS there. Though I had already been out of my home for my undergraduate cource, I never felt lonely or missed my home since I my college was near to my hometown. But Pune was too far for me and I missed my hometown.

Then, these Internet radio stations give me a lot of relif and relaxation. Those days, there were only a few stations available and the internet connections were not so reliable and slow. I did a lot of research those days to improve the streaming with such bad net connections. But, now there are lot of stations available and which streams good quality audio and the available Internet connections are also good. However, it is difficult to manage all of them in bookmarks.

Back those days, I used personal bookmarks to return to these radio websites. Later, I created a blog post with the radios which I used to listen regularly. After an year I saw a lot of people visits the page. So I thought of updating it. But it was difficult to manage and I left it without updating. But when I started my food blog Oishi Recipes, I purchased a webhosting service from GoDaddy and thought about creating this website.


For the desigh of this website, bootstrap is used. It is a very good fluid web developement framework. So it will help this website to work on all devices like mobile, tablet, PC etc.

For the backend, PHP is used. It helps me to easily manage the radio stations and generate different pages with much less effort.

Thank you

As many new radios are opened every month and many are closing, I try my best to update those here. However, I may miss many. In that case, you may also suggest if any radios need to be added to this page, or some radios are dead.

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