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Chennai FM Rainbow - 101.4 FM

The FM Rainbow channel of All India Radio was launched at a time when radio listening was on the decline especially in big cities. Technological improvements in the field of sound recording tempted young music lovers to opt for other modes of listening to music. Hi–fi, stereo sound on digital electronic equipments became preferred and fashionable. FM transmission on radio effectively served this purpose by ensuring noise free high quality reception to its listeners.

AIR was the pioneer in bringing FM radio to listeners in the country. The first FM Channel was launched on an experimental basis in 1977 in Chennai. The local radio stations of AIR which had their beginning in 1984 were all based on FM technology. They introduced the concept of community radio using the FM transmitter which provided local/limited coverage focused on the needs of the local populace and served the community effectively. Listeners of All India Radio thus got exposed to hi-fidelity sound quality for the first time. FM transmission subsequently got a huge boost with the opening up of radio broadcast to private players.