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IBC Tamil

IBC is a Tamil language radio station with aim of building bridges of communion among Tamils all over the world.

IBC began the service of reaching out to people in the year 1997. From then onwards, IBC has walked with people, laughed with people, shared their sufferings, hopes and aspirations.

IBC feels, information is power and it would like to empower their "anbu uravukal"("loving relations" - this is how IBC addresses its listeners) by reaching them with information and knowledge. Our news bulletins and news analysis are carefully prepared for our valuable audience. On all important historical occasions in Srilanka, IBC never failed to carry the news first to its listeners.

IBC has always been aware of its role in the lives of Tamils and the cause of Tamil struggles wherever it may be. It's the voice of tamils, voice for the tamils and it voices with tamils all over the world.

With committment and principles, IBC vows to continue its journey with thousands of "anbu uravukal" all over the world.